Hello world!


Thank you for visiting this, my brand new blog.

This site  is a new experience for me, a blog of my own. – and I look forward to the experiment and the experience.

It  may be possible to add a post a week, or maybe even  one or two a day! Who knows, at the start?  Like Jack, (you know, Mom Goose told his story a long time ago) we’ll plant the beans and see what grows, and someday, I may be able to  discuss the true worth of the cow I traded for all this.

If the bean-bush grows clear up to the clouds, I hope you’ll climb along with me, and if we find Blunderbore up there in his castle,  stick around to see how it works out. I hope you find it fun.

Writing has been a passion for years. Reading good writing has always captured my imagination and producing good writing has been a goal to be sought earnestly. The power of the printed word has never ceased to amaze me, even in this age of instant-gratification-24-hour-news-cycles.

Initially I dabbled in the ink, almost inadvertently, a couple of decades ago when I worked as a “reporter” for a local newspaper, covering the local turmoil in a perfectly perfect little township of rural Pennsylvania.  It soon dawned on me that there was a market for information, and the more accurately I could summarize and relate it to the readership, the more value they ascribed to the product.  Those readers were neither simple nor stupid. They wanted facts, especially as they impinged upon their own lives; they wanted details that allowed then to form their own opinions; in short, they read and acted. No, of course I am not a “J-school” graduate (and I consider that to place me in good company).

In the same vein of that writing I hope to carry on this blog, but this time to lay out the thoughts of my mind, the visions of my heart,  the memories of my short years, and to share the passions of my soul, the things I find interesting along the way. If you read and enjoy, pass the link along to your friends, and don’t hesitate to tell me, either – good or bad.

It is also in my desire to write a book of short stories (yes, I know that is a difficult genre in which to work) and this blog is the medium of choice to share some of that with you. I have already begun that writing, and I will publish some of it here, both the process and the result, that hopefully you will be as enriched as I have been by my association with the people, definitely neither simple nor stupid, that I have met in the journey.




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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Lovely beginning…you are being optimistic to want to write so frequently. Good luck with that! But your blog is refreshing and I hope it gives you much satisfaction.

    • flash60601@embarqmail.com says:

      Thank you, Elizabeth, I do appreciate that compliment. Being an incurable optimist is what makes life so interesting (I think). I bought the three-yeaar plan from the web-host and if I can’t get things combed out in that time, I might have to re-visit that well of hope for anther draught.

      But for now, wooo-ie, here we go!

  2. the Guru know it all, seen most of it too says:

    Good start and a great kick off to your blog….. interesting!

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