How About a Challenge?

40 Reasons Challenge

I follow a blog “” and it has offered many amazing insights into writing as well as life in general. It is written and hosted by a remarkable fellow named Bryan Hutchinson, who has issued a challenge to writers and would-be-writers to . . . well, read his original post for yourself. He has some marvelous ideas.

Then, you’ll see why I compiled this list.

  1. I write because I am a storyteller.

  2. I write because I am a painter, but my scenes are brought to the soul through the ears.

  3. I write because I am a singer, and every story should be a song. Whether a wedding march or a funeral dirge, it must be sung with conviction and feeling.

  4. I write because I am a chef, hired to serve up delicious treats for the reader, filled with interesting flavors of emotion, personality, and actions.

  5. I write because I am a builder, a craftsman with words the readers can touch and feel and live in and among.

  6. I write to inform.

  7. I write to inspire.

  8. I write to awaken.

  9. I write to amaze.

  10. I write to amuse.

  11. I write for my own pleasure.

  12. I write for the joy others may find in my observations and imaginings.

  13. I write for those who have no voice of their own.

  14. I write for those whose ears may only hear my voice.

  15. I write for those who may never awaken, but find their rest made more peaceful by my work.

  16. I write because God has blessed me with a talent that must be put out into the world to earn interest.

  17. I write because my Mother told me I may.

  18. I write because it is the purest way to unburden my soul.

  19. I write because Rudyard Kipling and Ruby Klee sang for me the Music of the Eternities that is in a well-written paragraph.

  20. I write because I must. Or I will bust.

  21. I write as an observer of the human condition.

  22. I write as a participant in the pandemonium of this earthly spectacle.

  23. I write as a perpetrator of some of the mischief in this existence.

  24. I write as a historian, that details may not get lost in the passage of time, that errors made may be avoided by others.

  25. I write as a conspirator, to gloss over, even hide, some errors, that they might not be remembered and accounted.

  26. I write, therefore I live.

  27. I write, perhaps to endure.

  28. I write, hoping to find completeness.

  29. I write, aiming toward perfection.

  30. I write, giving life to the stories and characters hidden in my imagination as well as to those seen and heard around me.

  31. In writing, I seek my own immortality.

  32. In writing, I know only a small fraction of this earth’s souls will read my work.

  33. In writing, I suspect only a few of those will remember what I wrote.

  34. In writing, I suppose even less will remember why I wrote.

  35. In writing, I would be gratified if someone would remember the one who wrote.

  36. I write because it allows me to discipline my thoughts and words.

  37. I write because I am better at writing than at speaking the thought.

  38. I write because it brings me joy and because it brings a completeness, a fulfillment into my life.

  39. I write because the love of my life, my dear wife, loves to hear my stories.

  40. I write because, at last as at first, I am a storyteller.

There are so many more reasons to write, I could have run this list to EIGHTY, had the challenge gone that far.

As each of us has their own reasons and desires, I encourage you to find yours, and WRITE THEM DOWN ! It is a marvelous exercise, helping to bring clarity and focus to your thought as well as your act of writing.

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